leanne's journal


editing this on mobile is such a pain lolll i'm in school right now! and we're having 4 hours of java lessons so there's that. maybe some time i'll make a journal entry in filipino. just thought of it since i've been using english exclusively on my website. i miiight also make a website full of my high school lectures,, maybe it'll help a few people hee


lots of homework!!! aaa it sucks uh huh but at the same time it's sorta nice to be busy so yeah! i'm also our class president LOL look at me exposing myself!!??? what... ermm i also updated my main homepage's look to be mooore minimalistic :)) i will link my journal there later or tomorrow maybe.


belated happy september! school has been... kinda tough lately. i haven't posted a new update for work. sigh. i hope to make up for it. especially since i'm the only one there now. in other news, i had really tasty potato pancakes for lunch!!! been listening to a lot of songs from niki's moonchild lately. she released an album recently! i love the songs from there too.

i miss the time when this site had an "ask" section. i miss getting random notifs from discord and those were the questions typed in by ppl lol i miiight try to recreate something like that here, maybe put it in another webpage or smth.. speaking of! this week i plan on working on a site-thing that i always wanted to make! hopefully i schedule the times right.

lookie here! a relatively longer journal entry compared to the other ones below. will try to write longer next time!!! :))


first day of school went great! my classmates seem okay. the teachers seem nice. food's nice. life's nice. i'm studying right now. i wonder if my peers would ever find this site. to be honest if they do that would be kinda terrifying!!!!! but still! if you guys find this don't forget to sign my guestbook LOL


three days 'til school starts. i'm quite anxious now actually. school starts at 6 in the morning. whatever. i'll try drawing a bit today. i'm also checking my inbox regularly these days.


my first ever entry! had carbonara for breakfast, it was good. i'm currently working on a(n) (overdue) little web project. school starts next week. am a bit nervous, but mostly excited.