she/her * INTP-A * ICT student * neocities enjoyer

hello there! welcome to my teeny tiny space on the web. it is constantly evolving and growing so expect some things on this site to shift and move around.


my name is leanne, and i think i'm an artist, writer, and amateur web & game developer wrapped into one comfy burrito. i'm a high school student, and i plan to become an interwebz kween in college. yes, we're gonna watch myself eat my words once real uni life comes. whatever. i just want high school to end, gosh this thing has been going on for too long!!!

my hobbies are drawing, singing, eating, taking photos (that i don't post at all for some reason), and learning new things! i'm currently learning c#, java, and bahasa indonesia.

pizza and chicken are my favorite foods. chocolate milk and ice cold water are my favorite drinks. my least favorite food products are peanuts and oyster sauce (am preparing my youtube apology video for my asian ancestors).

i like listening to music! i like an unhealthy amount of songs from paramore, poppy, babymetal, perfume, femm, grimes, and loona. yes they are all female artists/groups. damn that is such a beautiful coincidence.

in my spare time, i like watching carole & tuesday, artiswitch, and vtuber clips. note that i do not know much about those things mentioned above (except for artiswitch, cuz that's like my most favorite series ever), i just watch them casually!

that's all you need to know about me. yes.

this site is a personal site, and will serve as my outlet of (most of) my thoughts, emotions, works, and projects.

if you couldn't tell, i love minimalism in websites. it's just really satisfying for me, and i love how simple and straightforward it looks. this layout will most definitely be more long-term. helpful suggestions for this site would be much appreciated.


under construction!!

bear blog

under construction!!



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